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HAI YAN is a jacket manufacturer for the international market and has produced thousands of styles of jackets over the past 25 years. We are expert produces for a wide selection of leather, wool blend, nylon, fleece, denim and safari jackets and we make them for men, women, girls and boys.

In recent years demand for us to manufacture custom leather jackets and womens leather jackets has risen significanlty and currently we produce approximately 5,000 jackets for women each month. We are also making ski, casual, general outerwear and sports jackets for clients on a seasonal schedule.

An example tech pack of the types of design details and garment specifications that clothing manufacturers need to make jackets is available in the following link. If these types of complete details are provided prior to manufacture at the proto and salesman sample stages, along with fabric details and swatches, then lead times required can be reduced and the garment can be produced more efficiently for both parties with less corrections and adjustments being required.

More Hai Yan Jacket Pictures and Information

As jacket manufacturers the range that we can make for you includes:

Mens Jackets

Mens Denim Jacket Mens Canvas Jacket Mens Reversable Jacket

Mens Reversable Jacket Mens Puff Jackets Mens Jacket

√ Leather____ √ Biker_______
√ Bomber___________ √ Black Leather_______
√ Blue Leather_______ √ Brown Leather_______
√ Safari________ √ Summer_______
√ Sweatshirt__________ √ Lightweight Rain_______
√ Straight Leather______ √ Plus Size Leather_______
√ Full Length Leather √ Italian Leather_____
√ Safety______ √ Winter_______

Womens Jackets

Womens Jacket Womens Jacket

Womens Corduroy Coat Womens Denim Jacket Womens Denim Jacket

√ Fleece_________ √ Wool Blend______
√ Leather__ √ Rain_____
√ Full Length__ √ Sports______
√ Summer_______ √ Straight_______
√ Hooded_____ √ Nylon_______
√ Plus Size____ √ Wind_______

Childrens Jackets

Boys Jacket Girls Jacket

Boys Nylon Wind Jacket Girls Denim Jacket
√ Boys_______ √ Girls_____
√ Corduroy___ √ Reflective
√ Winter________ √ Rain_______

Jackets produced by Hai Yan are made according to the tech pack specifications of our clients designers. Fabrics and trims used vary widely because of the different climates these jackets are sold into and we are experienced in working with a making a broad array of trims for them. Sometimes our clients will supply their own specially sourced fabrics, though normally we would source it for them. We currently manufacture jackets under either arrangement for clients and as required by our clients we source fabrics such as leather from various locations around the world when necessary to meet their design specifications.

If you seek a jacket manufacturer of any style or have any queries, please feel welcome to contact us anytime and we will reply to your query as soon as possible.


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Hai Yan Garment Ltd
Hong Kong: Suite 2302 Canny Industrial Building, No. 33 Tai Yau Street, San Po Kong, Kowloon Hong Kong
China: Xia Mei Hu Gong Ye Qu, Xia Jiao Jiang Nan Ban, Qi Lian, Hui Zhou Shi, China
Telephone: +852 3904 3542 Fax: +852 2320 7227
Hong Kong BRC: 38870067-000-01

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