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Hai Yan Garment are the SKIRT MANUFACTURER and garment factory of choice for many clothing brand names around the world. We make them from many of the various types of fabrics suitable to the different seasons and climates our clients require.

Skirts can be manufactured using one of or a combination of plaid, twill, denim, leather, polyester or cotton and can be washed, dyed, printed or embroidered to meet just about any womens clothing designers requirements.

Mini Skirts, Short Skirts, and Long Denim Skirts are the most commonly required production items in the skirts category.

Womens Denim Skirts

Womens Denim Skirts Womens Denim Skirts

Womens Mini Denim Skirts

Womens Mini Denim Skirts Womens Mini Denim Skirt with Lace

Womens Mid-length Denim Skirts

Womens Mid-Length Denim Skirt Womens Mid-Length Twill Skirt With Beads Embroidery on Side Seam

Womens Long Denim Skirts

Womens Long Denim Skirt Womens Long Denim Skirt

Skirts of all shapes, patterns, materials, colors and sizes.

√ Black Mini_______ √ Blue Jean_______
√ Boot ____________ √ Broomstick_______
√ Cargo__________ √ Corduroy_______
√ Cotton_______ √ Crinkle_______
√ Girls Short ________ √ Girls Tennis_______
√ Golf ________ √ Hoop_______
√ Leather Mini ________ √ Long Leather_______
√ Micro Mini_______ √ Plaid Mini_______
√ Pleated_________ √ Plus Size_______
√ Plus Size Leather_______ √ Plus Size Denim_______
√ Plus Size Mini___________ √ Plus Size Tennis_______
√ School_______ √ Short_______
√ Short Denim ______ √ Short Mini_______
√ Sport ________ √ Spray_______
√ Summer ________________ √ Uniform_______________
√ Womens Denim__________ √ Womens Leather_______
√ Womens Mini___________ √ Womens Tennis_______
√ Woven _____________ √ Wrap Around_______

We are pleased to receive your enquiries.

If you would like to find out more about having us produce skirts for you, please feel welcome to contact us anytime and we will reply to your query as soon as possible.

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Hai Yan Garment Ltd
Hong Kong: Suite 2302 Canny Industrial Building, No. 33 Tai Yau Street, San Po Kong, Kowloon Hong Kong
China: Xia Mei Hu Gong Ye Qu, Xia Jiao Jiang Nan Ban, Qi Lian, Hui Zhou Shi, China
Telephone: +852 3904 3542 Fax: +852 2320 7227
Hong Kong BRC: 38870067-000-01

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