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Embroidered Clothings Manufacturers

HAI YAN manufactures many styles of embroidered clothing for women. Womens Embroidered Jeans are our most demanded product in this category. Embroidered denim jackets, embroidered dresses and embroidered appliques are also very popular.

Our embroidered products are produced accurately using modern commercial embroidery machines and embroidery machine software.

Embroidered labels made at Hai Yan Garment Factory are sold in many countries around the world. We produce a very clear and accurate embroidered design appearence and customer feedback to us is that the quality of our embroidered garments is very good.

Embroidered clothing for women produced by Hai Yan includes:

√ Womens Embroidered Jeans

√ Embroidered Blouses

√ Embroidered Denim Jackets

√ Embroidered Dresses and Embroidered Trousers

√ Embroidered Shorts and Embroidered Skirts

√ Embroidery Accessories for womens Handbags.

Embroidered Blue Jeans Embroidery Patches
Embroidered Leg_____ Embroidery Design

Embroidered Shorts Embroidered Leg
Embroidered Leg________ Embroidered Blue Jeans

Embroidery Patterns Embroidered Beads
Embroidery Black Jeans Embroidered Beads

Are you aiming to have womens embroidered jeans manufactured? If so, contact us anytime. We will be happy to help you and will reply to your enquiry as soon as possible.

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Hai Yan Garment Ltd
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China: Xia Mei Hu Gong Ye Qu, Xia Jiao Jiang Nan Ban, Qi Lian, Hui Zhou Shi, China
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